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We as human race have had a fascination with and an interwoven history with the visual. Our very survival as the humanoid species depended on our eyes. We can't communicate today without it. Our culture is overgrown with photos, paintings, pictures, symbols, designs, layouts and letters. It's no wonder that that careers, whole industries and sub-cultures have arisen thanks our internal need for beauty. If you think it you can dream it, then you can change reality. Literally that is the design process for more than just graphic design, but films, advertisements and art and most things today. Everything has gone from concept to physical for us to have experienced it.

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The beholder created history

From rock scribbles to masterful works of art. Throughout history, specific people took the time and patience to recreate what was captured in their mind.

These artisans dedicate to craft what people would appreciate for beauty but mostly a specific message to settle in the viewer's mind. This is how a design should be approached with the audience in mind. History has also been retold with the public in mind.


May contain Intent

Belief is the drive of good design. The feelings and beliefs of the audience about your theme are what's most important to understand. The most notable of uses for design and display was used to communicate religious messages directly or indirectly. The intelligence involved with these designs is also due to strong collaboration and planning between artisans and political leaders being of the religious sort at the time.

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The frame

Design and communication have been evolving but the one thing throughout, the mechanics has stayed the same. There will always be the eye that needs to focus to truly appreciate the message and for that, it needs a framing device.

A canvas. A viewport. A platform. A lens. A scape. A stage. A carte blanch. A Tabula Rasa. A blank space to show you the show.

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Focus on



Today we are constantly immersed in something that says something. It all came from people who stood in front of a blank frame and filled it with their creativity and ingenuity. You would want to hire someone dedicated to the finer details that would convey the message of your brand, event or story.


Film, design, animation, narratives, sound and so much more need to work together cohesively and professionally. It never about just one thing. It's about staying ahead while staying true to what you want the impact to be. Trust someone who will spend considerable time to bring the small details into the big picture where you want to shine. 

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